Mortgage Lending Expert Witness

Joffrey Long

  • 35 years experience in making, arranging and servicing real estate loans
  • Primarily active as a mortgage practitioner
  • President of Southwest Mortgage, a mortgage banker, broker and loan servicer
  • Education Chair, Member of the Board of Directors, and Past-President of the California Mortgage Association
  • Author of mortgage training and continuing education courses which received approval from the California Department of Real Estate*
  • Testified in court and arbitrations as an expert five times, in depositions in excess of 10 times
  • Submitted written reports in Federal Court and written declarations in State Court
  • Continuing education instructor for National Mortgage Licensing System continuing education classes and for California Bureau of Real Estate continuing education classes
  • Extensive writing, speaking, training and teaching experience
  • Licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate* since 1975
  • License endorsed by the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) since NMLS endorsements became available in 2011

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For more information, please contact Joffrey Long
at (818) 366-5200 or at

* The California Bureau of Real Estate was formerly
known as the California Department of Real Estate.

Southwest Bancorp (dba Southwestern Mortgage)
Joffrey Long   (818) 366-5200

    17045 Chatsworth Street, Suite 101, Granada Hills, CA  91344-5845

Calif. Dept. of Real Estate Licenses:
00898122 (Southwest Bancorp) and 00525142 (Joffrey Long

National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS)
285731 (Southwest Bancorp) and  207272  (Joffrey Long)

Joffrey Long
Private Money (Hard Money) Lender / FHA and Conventional Loans /
Reverse Mortgages / Trust Deed Investments /

California Mortgage Expert Witness

Joffrey Long is the Education Chair, a member of the Board of Directors and Past-President of the California Mortgage Association (CMA). However, this webpage is completely separate from CMA, is not endorsed by CMA, and may not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or positions of the California Mortgage Association. Consultation, reports or testimony provided by Joffrey Long as a mortgage expert witness, hard money lending expert witness or loan servicing expert witness are completely independent of, and may reflect differing views and opinions than those of the California Mortgage Association.

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